PISC Groomers Clinic

PISC will be sponsoring a "Groomer Clinic" several area clubs are looking to add more Groomers to their ranks. We will be holding the clinic at the clubhouse from 1pm to 3pm on Sunday Jan 14th. 

We are also looking for folks who can help with working on groomer. 

Here is a link to a video about grooming basics to get you started

We will have Groomers from PISC,  McKean, and Triangle S on hand. 

Enjoying the trails above

This time of the year more than any other we remember great people we have lost. Triangle S lost a great member this year, always brought a smile and a laugh to every event. Truly a great man who will be greatly missed. He always made time for everyone and was just an all around wonderful person. Enjoy the trails above Tracy Howard.

important reminders

Two important reminders

Tomorrow Sunday 12/10 we are in need of a large work party. Please meet at Springfield Rd near Tubbs rd. at 8:00 am. We will be cutting a trail to connect our rail bed once again.A lot of work has gone into getting the permission. we hope to see everyone there.

Please take the time tomorrow to RSVP to the Christmas party. Please call Bruce Stevens at 814-403-1710. The deadline is Monday 12/11 at 5:00. We hope everyone can make it. It is such a great way to kick off the snowmobile season! lets all celebrate together.

Why join a club?

Lately I have been running into people who ride the trails and do not belong to a club. There response is why should I belong when I have been riding for free? or what do I get for joining? I decided it was time to post this.


Often repeated but always true, this list is courtesy of John T. Prusak of SnowGoer Magazine.

  1. Snowmobile clubs gain land access to create our snowmobile trails.
  2. Snowmobile clubs build the trails we all ride on.
  3. Snowmobile clubs purchase the insurance.
  4. Snowmobile clubs, for our safety, maintain and install the trail signage on our trails.
  5. Snowmobile clubs are solely responsible for grooming our trails. 
  6. Snowmobile clubs can offer financial benefits through sponsoring and promoting businesses.
  7. Snowmobile clubs promote safer riding and sponsor safety training for our children.
  8. Belonging to a snowmobile club gives you a great social outlet for our favorite hobby.
  9. Belonging to a snowmobile club gives you a direct voice about trail creation, maintenance and signage.
  10. Belonging to a snowmobile club is just the right thing to do if you ride and want to keep the sport of snowmobiling alive.                                                                                                                  I love this list! I challenge you to do the right thing and join club. Take the time to get online and pay your dues. If you don't join a local club, someday there may be no trails to ride!




Triangle S Snowmobile club is proud to announce that we are now excepting online club dues!! 

The members at the previous meeting approved a simpler and secure way of paying your yearly dues. We are excited to announce that we have coordinated with PayPal online services, with a click of a button you can join now !! Just go to the home page and tap the JOIN NOW button. 



New Officers Elected

New officers were elected on October 15th. Thank you to all that attended and voted. Excited for the new season to begin.

President- Dan Snyder

Vice President- Jeff Stevens

Treasurer- Ray Borland

Secretary- Nicole Snow

Trail Boss- Justin English

Website/Facebook/ newsletter- Angela Borland and Patrick Buren

ECSA Representative- Dennis Buren

Thank you to our officers

  • Ray Borland has been on the board since 1985. he started in the treasure position then moved to the president title as well as remaining treasure. Leading and overseeing all aspects of the club including Meetings, functions, fundraising, and Trail.

*Diane McCauley has been secretary, and helping out the club for 10 years.  She helped with meeting notes, newsletters, attending ECSA meetings, event decorator, Albion fair, Poker runs, and where ever needed.

Both Diane and Ray helped their father William Borland for many years before that. Helping the club has always been a part of there lives.

Howard Griffen has held the Vice President position for 10 years. He has had many duties including Albion Fair, trail boss, Poker run leader. He joined Triangle S in 1978.

All three have been riding snowmobiles since they were very young.There love of snowmobile riding and our community has shown through the many years of dedication to Triangle S Snowmobile club. We can not thank you enough for all your years of leadership.


We are looking for new members to step up and consider taking a position on the board. The current officers have been running the club for many years and are stepping down this season. Nominations will be discussed at the meeting on September 17th at 7:00 at the Barracks tavern and voting will take place at the October 15th meeting. Your continued support makes it a success! please attend.

Chautauqua club ride update


 Hello everyone I wanted to give you an update on the Chautauqua club ride. A reminder that the deadline to sign up for this ride is TONIGHT. I will be releasing the extra rooms in the block tomorrow. We currently have 17 sleds that have joined the ride. I talked to President Ray Borland and he made a decision that all details will be finalized and email out on Thursday PM. If there is enough snow here we will meet at the Barracks at
10:00am on our sleds and ride there as planned. Our backup plan is if there is not enough snow here and the Chautauqua trails are open we will be trailering our sleds to Chautauqua to ride. Still meeting at 10:00am at the Barracks. If there is not enough to do either then the ride will be canceled. Things are looking good for some type of riding. Also a reminder that this is a free snowmobile ride in NY weekend ( no New York registration needed) !!! Book your room tonight if you have not already because if there is snow webbb's could possible be booked. If you have any questions please call me Angela 814-490-7449

help needed

At the last meeting we discussed needing more leaders for the upcoming poker run. We are expecting a great turn out. Please if you are able to help out post on Facebook or call the trail boss Jeff Stevens 881-2612. please leave your contact number. The leaders will be meeting before the poker run to discuss routes and stops

Exciting news!

Hey even though the snow is gone for the year, we still have good news. The club has just received word that the PSSA grant that was applied for in February of this year has been approved. The total funding of this grant is over $5600.00 and is earmarked to improve the trail section through the Anderson property on State road. Congrats to all who worked on this project.