Chautauqua club ride update


 Hello everyone I wanted to give you an update on the Chautauqua club ride. A reminder that the deadline to sign up for this ride is TONIGHT. I will be releasing the extra rooms in the block tomorrow. We currently have 17 sleds that have joined the ride. I talked to President Ray Borland and he made a decision that all details will be finalized and email out on Thursday PM. If there is enough snow here we will meet at the Barracks at
10:00am on our sleds and ride there as planned. Our backup plan is if there is not enough snow here and the Chautauqua trails are open we will be trailering our sleds to Chautauqua to ride. Still meeting at 10:00am at the Barracks. If there is not enough to do either then the ride will be canceled. Things are looking good for some type of riding. Also a reminder that this is a free snowmobile ride in NY weekend ( no New York registration needed) !!! Book your room tonight if you have not already because if there is snow webbb's could possible be booked. If you have any questions please call me Angela 814-490-7449