Snowmobile clubs are the reason that snowmobile trails exists. You probably also know that the people in the clubs and grassroots networks are most often the ones who work on varying levels to protect trails and public lands, and your right to ride. Clubs are also a great social outlet for like-minded people.
Yes, most snowmobilers know all of that. But most snowmobilers don’t actually belong to a snowmobile club. There are all sorts of potential excuses — maybe you don’t know where to find your local club, or maybe you’re an introvert and/or intimidated at some level. Maybe you just consider yourself a non-joiner, or maybe you have a preconceived notion of what belonging to a snowmobile club means.
Chances are, however, that if you don’t belong to a snowmobile club, you probably just haven’t gotten around to joining one. Well don’t lump this in with dentist appointments, fixing a dripping laundry room faucet, creating a will and other tasks you regularly put off – snowmobiling needs you! Quit being a freeloader and join a club this fall.* We have made it easy for you to Join.
(There are two simple ways to mark this off your check list.)

1. Go to our website to join and pay online:
• From the comforts of your couch go to 
• Click on the join now tab, fill out the form and pay your dues online. I promise it will be quick and painless.
2. Come to a meeting and join:
• We meet at the Albion VFW every third Sunday of the month at 7:00 pm
With every membership you receive a welcome letter, newsletters, membership card, invited to club rides and functions. Don't forget the most important, your dues help maintain the trails! Lets make this the best year ever.

article from Snow goer magazine