Special Thanks

All trail work is performed by our members willing to volunteer their time. Countless hours go into keeping the trees and brush trimmed back as well as adding culvert pipes and water crossings to try and keep the trails as dry as possible. With this work, we also have to post the signs to the trail system, as well as remove them at the end of the season. We have a small group that maintians the whole trail system, more volunteers are always welcome and needed.  The use of heavy equipment is greatly appreciated. If you have a machine you would like to volunteer some time with, please contact us, it is always needed.

Special thanks goes out to Al Markam of A&K Concrete for the repeated use of his mini excavator and skidsteer.  Would also like to thank Jody Bateman for the use of his bulldozer. The use of these machines makes the work of the volunteers a little bit easier.